10 x Multiplace!
New Media Birthday BBQ


03. May 2011 15 - 17h, midl_space, SK_Bratislava
Boris Vitázek (SK)
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Interactive installation Ripple, inspired by the famous electronic musical instrument Reactable, uses sound tracks to map Bratislava’s light contours. The installation works with a series of virtual objects, which the viewers manipulate by moving their body.

05. May 2011 21h, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
David Strang (UK), Vincent van Uffelen (UK), Beata Zdražilová (CZ), Drakh (SK), Jan Nálepa (CZ), Tomáš Hrůza (CZ), Postman (SK), Chaosdroid (SK)
installation, performance, concert, party
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Come and celebrate with us the 10th edition of the Multiplace festival. You will see a performance and interactive installation from magnetic tapes, which will be the outcome of the RE-PAIK three day workshop, an experiment which will generate images based on historic works by Zdeňek Sýkora and percussion sounds, a live concert as part of the Partitura installation by Jan Nálepa, and finally an audiovisual performance by Tomáš Hrůza, inspired by the Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda.

20.30 – 22.30 Performances
David Strang, Vincent van Uffelen (UK) + RE-PAIK workshop participants, Beata Zdražilová (CZ) + Drakh (SK): Sykora Beat, Jan Nálepa (CZ): Partitura, Tomáš Hrůza (CZ): Datapatch ver 1.11, DJs: Postman + Chaosdroid 


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