Blau Peru
02. May 2011 20h, Kavárna Potrvá, CZ_Prague
Alexandra Moralesová (CZ), Georgij Bagdasarov (AM/CZ)
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‚Photography is truth. Cinema is truth twenty-four times per second.’ J-L. Godard, 1970.
Blau Peru is an attempt to ‚develop a film picture‘, to wake up a potential story, and to initiate research. We work with found footage material. To invoke the moving picture, an 8mm film viewer is used. To spread the picture on screen, there is a video transfer and due to that kind of digital remediation the material comes to transubstantiation and turns into a ‚spectre‘. Those spectres are then forced to dance with a prepared gramophone and so transfigure one of thousands of possible stories made possible by found footage material.


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