Multiplace Opening


02. May 2011 20h, The Brno House of Arts, CZ_Brno
Derek Holzer (US/DE), Robin Fox (AU), Tomáš Hrůza (CZ), Michal Cab (CZ), Peter Gonda (gnd, SK)
The Brno House of Arts
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The laser show by Robin Fox is a truly “synthetic experience for the 21st century”, based on the visualisation of sound: the audience is immersed in electronically produced sound waves, perfectly synchronised with the movement of laser beams. Derek Holzer’s project Tonewheels is inspired by pioneering pieces of electronic music from the 20th century (ANS Synthesizer, Variophone, the Oramic system), Peter Gonda (gnd) with Michal Cáb (Cabowitz) will present their own version of literary “cut-up” techniques and a reinterpretation of the cult work Dreamachine by Brion Gysin from the 1960’s. A local contribution will come in the form of Datapatch ver 1.11 by multimedia artist Tomáš Hrůza, inspired by principles in the work of the Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda.

Robin Fox (AUS)

Derek Holzer (USA/DE)

Tomáš Hrůza (CZ)




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