A4 - nultý priestor, Nám SNP 12, Bratislava
20 apr 2005 22h

Aymeric Mansoux (,, fr) + Guy van Belle (be) + gnd (sk)

Networked live performance: a connected audiovisual live performance,
investigating the sound/image relation in a real-time artistic network.

Since the mid 90's Aymeric Mansoux takes part in many experiments being
based on the Internet and networks emergence as a cultural fact. Network
data is his sin and computer activity his ideal material. Trace routes, network packets, server logs become a new clay that can be used to develop autonomous artistic processes. is a collective of machinic artists, swinging on the hooks that tear apart the fabric of a recent rhetorical past to uncover an activity based future!

One of the members of the vibrant project, GND is a Bratislava based visual artist, and a smuggler of Romanian children writing Klingon Poetry. Real-time video processing based on music analysis is the domain where GND's visuals leave the rusty idea of VJ-ing behind. Abstract data flows, distorted images of abandoned architecture in movement, interferences, noise - all a liquid transformation of sound into visuals.

org: Burundi + Atrakt Art