18h Spojka Bratislava
Christopher M├╝ller (DE): "An art experiment between 18 cities"

"An art experiment between 18 cities - Translating Complexity into Reality"
Talk by Christopher M├╝ller, Overall Co-ordinator of Artgenda 2002
A historical experiment -
18 Cities around the baltic sea,
170 young guest artists from all walks of art,
100 hosting artists from Hamburg organizing
36 host projects,
50 locations in the city,
18 months to prepare collaboration via old and new media
2 1/2 weeks to perform parallel to Dokumenta11 and Manifesta Frankfurt
"In terms of avantgarde and the ongoing battle for autonomy of art production it really was the "counter-Dokumenta" that happened in Hamburg last summer." (A. L. Findeisen, Art Philosopher, Vienna, about Artgenda 2002)
Some of the breakthroughs in Artgenda 2002
- Finding new ways of selecting artists (without curators)
- Aiming for an ongoing co-operation of artists (in favour of the festival and general exchange)
- Organizing 'complete' hosting (in personal, infrastructure and time framing)
- Realizing new presentation techniques and artistic platforms (project related co-operations, peculiar spaces)
- Documenting some exemplary results (with web-site, photo and video-files)
Organizátor: Buryzone
Viac na www.artgenda.com.

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Roboexotica [foto]
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7,4 x 4,4 ZA, 19h
Peter Javor├şk aka PiDzej
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Spojka BA, 21h

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