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The aim of a festival is to introduce the recent world trends in the field of creative use of new technologies. It is not only about computer art but as well as various forms of interaction between humanity and technology in the digital era.. click for more

27-038pmA4 - Zero Space, BApromo party / live performance

29-035pmPolus City Center, BAexhibition opening
Irene Tetaz (ch/fr): You won`t recognize your brother between two drops of water

30-037pmRoxy – NOD, PAlive performance / demoparty
live.electronic.session.2: Fennesz (at), Jan Jelinek (de)

31-036pmSynagogue, TTlecture
Rudolf Frieling (de): Contextualizing Bill Seaman. Historical and current issues related to text and image.

01-04- 04-04media7development, BAworkshop
Open Source Multimedia Tools by Derek Holzer (us/nl)

01-043pmBURUNDI displej, BAlecture
Rudolf Frieling (de): Mediating Media - a paradox?

01-047pmHIT Gallery, BAexhibition opening
Vaclav Vancura (cz): Getting Witches with Joystick

02-0411amAFAD, BAlecture
Vaclav Vancura (cz): New Media Cook Book

02-045.3opmCzech Centre, BAlecture / presentation
Pavel Vancat (cz): Festival IN OUT and contemporary video art / Michal Pechoucek (cz): Picture in Picture

02-046pmA4 - Zero Space, BAfilm projection
Prix Ars Electronica 03

02-048pmA4 - Zero Space, BAparty / presentation / perfo / nite lecture
BURUNDI start party / Pavel Sedlak & Bohus Ziskal (cz): CIANT / resonancity bratislava / Denisa Kera (cz): Technosexuality

03-045.3opmCzech Centre, BAlecture / presentation
Tomas Dvorak (cz): Album, atlas, archive / Jesper Alvaer (no): Peregrination

03-047pmStanica, ZAlive performance
Urbsounds Collective

06-046pmPRIESTOR Gallery, BAexhibition opening
Kunst-fu featuring Zden: The numbers of dreams

07-043pmA4 - Zero Space, BAworkshop
Sssound workshops 3

07-046pmA4 - Zero Space, BAfilm projection

07-048pmA4 - Zero Space, BAlive performance
Guy van Belle (be) + workshop participants

08-044pmCzech Centre, BAlecture
Vit Havranek (cz): Lanterna Magica – New technologies in the 20th-Century Czech Art

08-048pmA4 - Zero Space, BAfinal party / live performance
Multiples: JB Kladivo, Rupert Huber (at), Franz Pomassl (at), Philipp Quehenberger (at), Guy van Belle (be) / grants 2004 giving

- 31-03Synagogue, TTexhibition
Bill Seaman (us): Epiphany

- 04-04Czech Centre, BAexhibition
The devil entered in me

- 31-03HIT Gallery, BAexhibition
GYATAM water sonic experiment



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