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John Grzinich (US): works 2001-2003, Media Lab Mooste (EST)

John Grzinich (US)
Sound artist, Video artist and Cultural Coordinator
John Grzinich is a sound and video artist from the US who lives, works and travels extensively in Europe. He has published CDs of his sound works on European, American and Japanes labels such as: Staalplaat, Erewhon, Intransitive, Elevator Bath, Orogenetics, Pale Disc and others.
Last year he presented 'Thermographic Sequences' and 'Stillness in Time', a collection of sound/video works from 2001 on 2 successful tours throughout Europe (t0 Public Netbase Vienna, Cyberpipe Ljublajana, Klub MaMa Zagreb, Access Centar Sarajevo, Academy of Fine Arts Budapest, Center for Contemporary Arts Prague, Videomedja Novi Sad, City Gallery Wroclaw, Music Academy Krakow, Music Academy Warsaw, Art Academy Vilnius, Noass Gallery Riga, Tartu Artsts Union Galery).
Since the early 1990s John has worked with sound as an abstract medium; this includes music compositions, building of instruments and the construction of installations. Over the past two years I have been working with digital video and have experimented with the integration of both video and sound. The resulting compositions are often studies in extended evolutionary permutations of a selected set of sound and video sources. The audio/video medium is an area for exploring perceptual 'noise' through a dynamic interplay of evolving layers that, over time, yields residual patterns to be interpreted by the viewer.
In early 2003 John Grzinich became a member of the NGO Mooste Guest Studio (MOGS), an organization which runs an artist-in-residence program in Estonia. John is the coordinator for the Mooste Access Media Lab program at MOGS.
Mooste Guest Studio (MOGS)
The Mooste Guest Studio (MOGS) is a new artist-in-residence program in Estonia situated in the rural community of Mooste located 40km southeast of Tartu and 20km west of the Russian border. The studio was started in 2000 by MOGS, an NGO organization dedicated to local and international cooperation in the fields of arts and environmental research in the rural context of post-soviet Estonia. Apart from managing the residency program our activities range from hosting international arts symposiums to architectural forums for the rehabilitation of structures from local heritage. The MOGS residency studio is located in the partly rehabilitated space of the manor house of the old Mooste farming estate. With its broad scope and focused environment, MOGS is the only program of its kind in Estonia. Since its inception, MOGS has belonged to the Baltic Sea Residency Network, which links the artist-in-residence programs of the countries bordering the Baltic Sea.
Mooste Access Media Lab Program
Mooste Access Media Lab is a program and facility extension of the existing Mooste Guest Studio (MOGS) artist-in-residence center. For the MOGS artist-in-residence center, the creation of accessible multimedia facilities aims to take advantage of the continuing development of electronic media and communications and its impact on the fields of art and culture. For this program, taking full advantage of computers and networked communications, is an expression of their versatility and use as practical and creative tools. The Mooste Access Media Lab program and purpose will be developed through concentrated activities in the following areas:
1. Electronic media access space for visiting artists: the artist residency center does not focus on any special media. The addition of a digital media facility would allow MOGS to offer the full range of artistic capabilities, traditional through new media.
2. Educational and project space for digital media: educational programs would be targeted toward specialized purposes such as workshops (digital audio/video production, digital imaging, web design, DVD authoring) for small groups.
3. Facility for documentation and post-production: the media lab would be a facility for production and promotion of MOGS events (website, digital prepress).
4. Program space for lectures and presentations: artists or other visitors to Mooste could use the Mooste Access Media Lab for preparation and presentation of their projects.
Organizer: Buryzone
More at www.kaon.org/~jgrzinich.

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